The Calgary Secular Assembly is here to promote inspired living.

Life is serious stuff. Humanists know that we only get one chance at it so we really want to get it right. The conundrum is that to do so, it often means that we simply have to forget how serious life is and then to just have some fun. It really comes down to the balancing of the short-term vs. the long-term. It is hoped that we can help facilitate the management of this important balance.

We strive to provide skills, inspiration, and social connection for the secular humanist and atheist community.


There is so much to learn to be a well functioning human.  The CSA will provide information and tools to help us learn how to better negotiate life with humanistic thinking.
To better understand how others feel and reason about their viewpoints on life, we seek to be life long learners in our search for understanding and to remaining open to new knowledge.

The CSA will highlight the best in secular thought as to what motivates us to make a better world.


The realization that the world has much to offer in the very short time while we are here on Earth is empowering. Let's feel good about living.

The CSA will enable happier and more satisfying lives by promoting our best and encouraging our feelings of awe and wonder about life in the world.

Social Connection:

The CSA invites people to spend time with a diverse group whose members share a humanist approach to life. Let's make a more just, free and wiser world by promoting relationships of meaning, respect and compassion.

For the Kids:

The children's programthat runs during our Sunday Focus meetings. The program will focus on creating good thinkers and good people. Monthly themes will support: Learning critical thinking including learning how to tell opinion from fact/news, the scientific method, the principles of logic, forming logical arguments. etc. as well as ethics for humanists including aspects of honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage.

We also happily promote just plain fun for everyone.